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Product description

  • For limit level sensing of liquids in nonconductive plastic and glass vessels
  • Miniature design in flexible housing, can be located on mildly bent surfaces
  • The electrode system eliminates contamination in the vessel internal side
  • Simple self-adhesive fixing
  • Configuration and adjustment by third "programming" wire
  • Level indication by LED diode

Flexible level sensor FLD–48 "Meduse" is designed for detecting level of various liquids in non-conductive vessels. It is made from polyurethane fl exible housing with fl exible self adhesive layer, enabling simple attachment on fl at and mildly bent surfaces of the vessel walls. Special confi guration of the sensing surfaces and control by means of single-chip microprocessor enable reliable detection of the media and concurrent elimination of settled contamination on the internal side of the vessel. Setting of
the sensor’s sensitivity is very – performed by attaching the programming wire on the positive or negative potential of the supply voltage. The sensor can be connected in the relay electrical circuit or on the control system binary inlet.




Positive supply pole (+U) is connected to the brown conductor, negative (0V) to the white. The sensor output is equipped with short circuit protection. The capacity loads and low resistance (bulb) is evaluated by the sensor as short circuit.



The sensor is attached by self adhesive removable layer, which is equipped with a protection foil. Prior to the installation, remove the foil and press mildly the sensor on to the vessel wall. Before the fi rst usage warm up the sensor for the wall´s vessel temperature - approx. 30 min. If the original self adhesive layer is damaged, it is necessary to place a new layer on the sensor (supplied as accessory). In case of replacement or dismantling of the sensor, remove the sensor carefully from the tank wall.

The setting can be performed by green, so called "programming" wire (P) Use the wire to set the upper and lower limit of the level sensing, SO modes (opens when the level drops) and SC (connects when the level drops).

SO mode: Attach the programming wire (P) to terminal 0V for approx. 2 seconds, if the tank is empty or partially fi lled (level is under the sensor bottom end). When the level reaches the upper end of the sensor, potentially the tank is completely fi lled, attach wire (P) for the same time (2 seconds) to terminal +U. 

SC mode: The setting procedure is reversed to SO mode

Note: Wire (P) is used only for sensor´s programming. In another cases the wire (P) must be disconnected.
For comfortable setting of the sensor by 2 buttons, we recommend to use a wall evaluation switching unit Dinel SDSU-1222-W, which contains a stabilized power supply unit, optical signalization of the state, and relay output. setting of initial values (reset of the sensor): disconnect the sensor from power supply, attached wire (P) to terminal +U and again connect power supply. After approx. 5 sec. the wire (P) from terminal +U disconnect. Now are initial values setted from producer and sensor is ready for usage in mode SO.



incorrect setting:  If the sensor will not recognize upper and lower level limit or mistake will occure during setting, LED control will start blink in a short interval approx. 0,2 sec. In this case repeat the setting again.

fault at output:  In case of short-circuit or overrun of max. allowed switched current, LED control will blink in interval approx. 0,8 sec. Re-checked the connection status.



Detection of various types of liquids – water, diesel, oil, cooling liquids, water solutions, some types of solvents. It is suitable for plastic and glass vessels, plastic container tanks, plastic tubs, pools, canisters, etc.



  • FLD – 48N cable 2 m
  • FLD – 48N cable 5 m


standard – included in the sensor price

  • 1x spare double-side self adhesive type



The sensor is equipped with protection against reverse polarity, over-voltages, and against current overload
Protection from hazardous hand contact is provided by means of feeding safe voltage supply.
Electromagnetic compatibility is provided by conformity with standards: EN 55022/B, EN 61326-1, EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -6.



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