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Pneumapole, the concept for panel building.

Most panel builders prefer to build electrical control cabinets rather than control cabinets with pneumatics in them.
Because pneumatic air hoses are not as easy to place as electrical cabling.
You also need a whole range of push-in couplings in stock to guide these air hoses nicely through the control cabinet and to avoid delays in panel building.

That is why Ebora offers the possibility to build and possibly engineer your pneumatic control cabinet.
Thanks to our efficient method of panel construction and our large stock of push-in couplings, hose, etc., we are able to install a quality cabinet for you in a very short period of time.

Ebora has developed the Pneumapole in collaboration with Festo NL to simplify the construction of Remote I/O and pneumatic cabinets.

The Pneumapole for the Festo VTUG valve islands has a number of attractive advantages for panel builders:

  • Simple and fast calculation through price lists of all standard valve terminals.
  • Delivery from stock !
  • The valve terminal is delivered completely assembled and tested.
  • The recess in the control cabinet is no longer visible after installation and is therefore easy to install.
  • No pneumatic knowledge is required for the panel builder because all pneumatic connections are outside the cabinet.
  • The Rittal Hygienic Design control cabinets can already be ordered from Ebora or Rittal with the Pneumapole recesses, which means that no mechanical operations are required on the cabinet.

Pneumapole The Concept

For this concept, in addition to the pneumatic valve terminals and the blind plates, we also have a solution for the electrical cabling.

The Pneumapole-E in the format of the Festo VTUG10, 8-fold Pneumapole is the first in the range of Pneumapole-E's that we want to deliver from stock.

Pneumapole E

This Pneumapole-E has 47 holes with integrated strain relief:

  • 14 x 3,5 - 6,5 mm
  • 28 x 4,5 - 8,5 mm
  • 4   x 7,0 - 11,0 mm
  • 1   x 11,0 - 16,0 mm

One of the cabinets we built with this concept is shown below.

 Paneelbouw pneumatiek kast

This Remote I/O control cabinet is equipped with:

  • Festo remote I/O with CPX-E
    • Profinet module
    • IO-link master, 4-channel
    • 16 Digital inputs
  • Festo VTUG10 with 16 x 5/2-way valves
  • Festo air care MS6
    • Manual on/off valve
    • Filter regulator
  • Pneumapole-E for electrical cabling


Pneumapole in Rittal HD kast

With this service we hope to be able to serve our customers, the panel builders, as much as possible.

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