EBNA06 electric actuator NA/SCAP (Built-in Super Capacitor Type)

• Anodized with aluminium alloy and powder coating(Polyester, TGIC-Free) is followed for corrosion protection.

• The enclosure is rated IP67 and sealed with o-rings. It enables actuators to be installed outside. (IEC IP67, NEMA 4 and 6.

• 20W space heater is provided to protect internal components from condensation.

• The gears are self-locking mechanically.

• Torque switches (Open/Close) are provided to protect the actuator and its application electrically and mechanically from overload.

• NA series with SCAP are operated by the power of super capacitor in case of power failure.

• Actuators can stop at current position or they can be driven to open or close position depending on user's requirement.

• When a charge lamp blinks super capacitor must be charged. If super capacitor is fully charged it goes off.


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